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We can design and custom-tailor the overseas academic dress for you according to the samples you provide.

First article assurance:
    the first article should be assured by the customer on the designs,
    fabrics and colors, and then production in batches would follow.
    the price of the custom-tailored academic dress can be negotiated according to the styles and
    the  fabrics.
    contracts shall be signed for the custom-tailored academic dress, and will be carried into
effect after the payment of the deposit.
Deposit and terms of payment:
    for the order of the single one or a small quantity of the dress (less than and including 50
sets), deposit will be 100% of the contract value; for the order of more than 50 sets, deposit
will be 10% of the contract value (paid when signing the contract), 60% paid after the first
article assurance, and 30% remains paid after all the delivery and the examination of the goods.

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